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Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder



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This Wallet Is A Must Have!

Well this stainless steel credit card holder wrapped with leather backing is the answer. Not only does it keep up to 10 cards safe and secured but there is also a compartment for notes and coins!

Styled with stainless steel card holder makes for a more convenient and elegant way of carrying your important bank cards. You can carry almost everything that is important to you: ATM cards, passports, IDs, cash, coins, and more.



  • RFID THEFT PROTECTION : In this growing digital world, the money in your bank is at constant risk from unwanted RFID scanners used by thieves these days. Dein Kleider wallet can perfectly block unwanted RFID scanners as it comes with RFID Blocking Mechanism that normally prevents unauthorized access to your credit/debit or even metro or ID cards.

  • MINIMALIST DESIGN : It’s minimalist design allows you to keep it easily in your front pocket for daily use. It can hold 4-6 Credit/Debit cards or 14-16 Business/Visiting cards. Comes along with a FREE money/cash strap with 100% Genuine Leather Grip to keep cash and bills, thus making it a perfect minimalist wallet for office, gym, shopping mall, bike rides and much more. Durable and convenient for everyday commuters or travelers.
  • ONE CLICK ACCESS : A unique slim organizer that quickly & neatly slide your cards out with a single trigger action without the cards falling out at any time. No more hunting for that one credit card in your messed up & bulky wallet as this one brings immense user convenience because of its easy and quick access to all the cards in ONE GO, saving quite some TIME.

  • STYLE QUOTIENT : The metallic finish on the sleek aluminium body of the wallet, along with it’s smart features will make your social presence truly class apart. Perfect present for someone who always go with multiple cards. Can be given as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, promotion gift or even as festival gift.
  • HIGH GRADE ALUMINIUM : The body of this wallet is made of high grade aluminium giving it a robust & hard structure yet keeping its body weight extremely low (45 grams only). A robust and lightweight structure ensures long service life for years to come.



  • Ultra thin and portable! 
  • Holds 10+ cards 
  • Compartment for notes coins and more! 
  • Size: 3.94 x 2.76 x 0.59in 
  • 6 colours to choose from


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder

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